SN I 9.5 Ānanda: Nibbāna in Heart


SN I 9.5 Ānanda: Nibbāna in Heart


Ānanda Sutta #


At that time,

The venerable Ānanda was living with the Kosalans,

In some forest woodland.



the Venerable Ānanda was spending

an excessive amount of time

teaching lay people.[1]


And at one point,

A devatā inhabiting the same forest woodland,

Approached the Venerable Ānanda;

moved by compassion,

out of a desire for his happiness,

wishing to move him by a sense of urgency, [2]

And spoke these verses:



“Plunge deep in the jungle,

at the root of a tree,

And uphold [3] Nibbāna in your heart. [4]


Meditate Gotama! Don’t be heedless.

What’s all this babbling going to do for you?” [5]



The Venerable Ānanda was shaken up

by the Devatā’s words,

and he was invigorated

by a renewed sense for earnest practice.[6]



[1] ativelaṃ gihisaññattibahulo viharati.

[2] āyasmato ānandassa anukampikā atthakāmā āyasmantaṃ ānandaṃ saṃvejetukāmā

[3] Opiya: Upiya [ger. of upeti] undergoing, going into, metri causa as ūpiya (—°) and opiya, viz. hadayasmiṁ opiya

[4] “Rukkhamūlagahanaṃ pasakkiya, Nibbānaṃ hadayasmiṃ opiya;

[5] Jhāya gotama mā pamādo, Kiṃ te biḷibiḷikā  karissatī”ti.

[6] Atha kho āyasmā ānando tāya devatāya saṃvejito  saṃvegamāpādīti.

This is a gift of Dhamma

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