Connected Discourses (SN)

3. Collected Discourses

Book I - Verses (Sagāthā)
    1 Devas2 Young Devas3 Kosalan4 Mara5 Nuns6 Brahma9 ForestBook II - Causality (Nidāna)
      12 Causality14 ElementsBook III - Fabrics of the Ego (Khandha)
        22 Fabrics of Ego25 EnteringBook IV - The Six Senses (Salāyatana)
          35 Six Senses36 Felt Experience41 Citta42 LeadersBook V - The Great Section (Mahā)
            45 The Path46 Supports of Awakening47 Resting Places of Awareness48 Governing Faculties51 Mental Masteries54 Awareness with the Breath55 Entering the Stream56 Truths