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Open Heart

A Beginning Guide for Boundless Love Meditation

Boundless Love meditation, as taught by the Buddha in the early Buddhist texts (the Suttas) is particularly special. Mettā was perhaps the foremost meditation subject taught by the Buddha himself, especially to people beginning on the path to awakening for many valuable reasons. He in fact called this practice, Mettā-cetovimutti: ‘The liberation of the Heart by Love.’ This was not only a kind of sitting meditation practice but a way of life also called Mettā-bhāvanā; ‘The cultivation of Love.’

This book describes a clear and accessible path for all. It is an easy and light read. It contains glimpses of the original suttas and a clear overview of every stage of meditation.

Disponible en Français au bas de cette page. (À Coeur Ouvert)


The Buddha’s Path to Awakening & Wholesome Mental Development

Here is a simple guide for seekers. Based on the direct discourses of the Buddha himself, which goes to the heart. Here, one will find the core Teachings from:

The DN 2 Sāmaññaphala Sutta; Discourse on the Truth-Seeking Life; The Buddha’s famous and most essential exposition of the Gradual Training.

The MN 118 Ānāpānasati Sutta; Discourse on [Cultivating] Awareness with the Breath; The original meditation instructions on Breathing with Awareness. 

The SN IV 42.8 Saṅkhadhama Sutta; Discourse of the Conch Blower; The original meditation instructions on Boundless Love

Natural Samādhi

The Buddha’s Teaching on Collected Mental Harmony

Coming soon…

Ariya Dhamma

Retreat Booklet

The Buddha did not teach ‘retreats’.

He taught a way of life.

He taught the path to happiness and awakening.

Here is the retreat format with details and schedule.

The booklet includes the morning pūjā recital and essential sutta study.


Recitals of Dhamma

A work in progress.

This project began 2 years ago in an effort to learn Pāḷi 

And essential aspects of the Teaching at the source.

With classic Parittas and formalities and essential Dhamma Teachings.

À Coeur Ouvert

Un Guide Pour Débuter la Méditation de L’Amour Sans-Frontière

La méditation sur l’Amour Sans Frontière, telle qu’enseignée par le Bouddha dans les premiers textes bouddhistes (Souttas) est particulièrement spéciale. Mettā était peut-être le principal sujet de méditation enseigné par le Bouddha lui-même, en particulier aux personnes commençant sur le chemin de l’éveil pour de nombreuses et précieuses raisons. 

En fait, il appelait cette pratique, Mettā-cetovimutti: «La libération du Cœur par l’Amour.» Ce n’était pas seulement une sorte de pratique de méditation assise mais un mode de vie également appelé Mettā-bhāvanā; «La culture de l’amour.»